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Cornerstone Framing & Design, Framer/Designer, Kari Schmidt, is in her 36th year of Custom Picture Framing.  Cornerstone Framing & Design has been operating in Texas for 13 years.  The mobile showroom  has been a great success.   WE COME TO YOU!  It allows the customer to see what the framing looks like in their own setting.  Cornerstone Framing has over 1000 corner samples to choose from and uses only acid free/conservation products. Kari takes great pride in her craft and in creating a spectacular framed piece of art.  Kari works with many designers and artists, as well.  Cornerstone Framing & Design has a unique style when it comes to framing your artwork.  A style that sets apart from any other frame shops. Cornerstone Framing & Design works out of a 1200 sq. ft. climate controlled shop, with state of the art equipment.  We are able to create designs that go beyond what any other local custom frame shop can do.   Cornerstone Framing & Design offers MOST AFFORDABLE custom picture framing.  We offer this MOST AFFORDABLE cost because of the mobile showroom.  We don’t have all those overhead costs, that allow us to pass the savings off to our customers.  Kari has worked in the retail custom framing business for many years, and always felt there had to be a way to cut costs for the customer.  The Mobile Showroom was the answer.  Custom Picture Framing often leaves customers with a high cost feeling that brings on buyers remorse.  Kari has seen this too often.  Cornerstone Framing & Design prices give you the best product at a MOST AFFORDABLE prices and no buyers remorse.

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  • Residential Custom Picture Framing
  • Commercial Custom Picture Framing
  • For The Trade/Designers Custom Picture Framing
  • For The Trade/Artists Custom Picture Framing
  • Unique One-Of-A-Kind Custom Framed Artworks
  • Conservation/Preservation Custom Picture Framing
  • Demos for Art Groups and Students
  • Preservation of Textiles and Original Art

Kari@cornerstoneframing.com     936.718.7009

WE COME TO YOU! This is the mobile showroom. 200 sq. ft. of corner samples in this climate controlled van. Do you have a piece of art that is so big that you can’t get to a frame shop? This concept solves that problem. When the work is completed we deliver your finished artwork back to you.